Friday, 13 August 2010

Rescued Book

Believe it or not - I was the Comment Section editor of the Manitoban for 2003-2004. The Manitoban is the University of Manitoba's newspaper. I know it's almost impossible to believe if you've read the terrible grammar that comes from my Facebook Statuses, but there you go.

When my editing term was over, I received a huge bound book containing every issue of the Manitoban. A pretty nice gift, but not really useful (unless we needed a really heavy object to kill a gigantic bug with or something). It sat in our basement for years. And our basement was filled with plaster and other gross things.

When we moved and I finally got around to unpacking, I found this book at the bottom of a box. It was in sad shape. :(


I hummed and hawed over what exactly I wanted to do with this poor book. Finally I decided to clean it up a bit using water, vinegar and a paintbrush.

It turned out a little better.

Then I made a nice cover for it (pictured at the top). My fabric pen bled a little bit on the label, but otherwise it didn't turn out too badly. Now this book can sit on the shelf for another 20 years in peace until I get reminiscent for my university days.

Isn't my fabric choice for this cover awesome? I covered a book containing my passion in 2003 (writing) with fabric that features my passion in 2010 (sewing). :)
That and I'm still working on using only fabric I currently have in my stash. I had some of this leftover from my sewing apron.


I'll be sharing this post with some terrific crafty Bloggers today:


Larri said...

Tawny - My first reaction was, "Where did she find that fabulous fabric?" LOL! Great re-cover project. Thanks for sharing. And thanks for participating in my Share Your Button adventure. Happy Sewing! :o)

Modred Vintage said...

You did a great job. I love getting further use out of older items, great job.

Leslie said...

what a good idea for covering the book. great finish