Tuesday, 31 August 2010

A Not So Creative Week

Before I get into the explanation as to why I haven't had any sewing projects to show you lately, I'll start with some good news :)

Remember earlier this summer when I attempted to plant a small garden in the planter in the backyard? We got about 5 pea pods out of it because Logan dug them up repeatedly to "check on them." But he didn't touch the cherry tomato plants too much. He did decide to slam some sticks into the roots of one of them. We got some little cherries out of them anyway! Here are the three I pulled off today.

There are a bunch more that are almost ready to go. So our garden wasn't a total failure. I would say that next year's will be better, but Lane will be 2 years old and will want her chance to dig everything up as well, so I doubt it. The dandelion was courtesy of Logan who "picked a pretty flower for mommy." :)

Now onto the reason why this blog and my fanpage won't have any sewing content in them this week.

All summer I've been pushing the double stroller all over the place. To the park, to the library, out to Fermor, wherever. Logan sits in the front seat and Lane in the back. Well it's gotten to be too much. My hands are seriously damaged from pushing that front heavy thing around. Both hands are bruised on the palms and halfway down my forearms.

Doesn't look too bad in this pic, but this is after a week of healing. Coming from a girl who doesn't bruise easily, this is a rough situation to be in. My thumbs hurt to move. Even typing this, I can feel my wrists burning. The kids are at the grocery store with Terry tonight and I usually do a workout, but I can't even muster up enough strength to push the handles on the elliptical.

It was a little rough cutting out the stuff needed to make up our wedding thank you cards, so I'm not even going to attempt sewing until my hands feel better.

So you can imagine that I'm looking forward to autumn. No more pushing that monstrosity around and over rough terrain anymore. We've logged a lot of kilometres on that stroller this summer.

I can handle pushing the regular stroller with Lane in it, but Logan is getting too big to be riding on the front of the double. By next summer he should be able to walk the (sorta long) distances that we walk to get to our favourite parks.

Then can I burn the double stroller? I really want to burn it!

I need some heal mommy vibes sent my way. Hopefully I'll be patched up and back to my regularly scheduled sewing soon.

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Follow Me, I'm Canadian said...

We will be thinking healing thoughts for you! Thanks for joining FMIC again! Have a great day!