Thursday, 5 August 2010

New Baby Gift: Hooded Towel with Matching Wash Cloth

Our neighbors are having a baby! And they're moving - but I'll just concentrate on the baby part, because I'm still in denial about getting new neighbors. I've just managed to learn most everyone's name around here, and they up and move :(

Anyway, back to the baby! They have opted to not learn the gender of their new bundle until birth, so I made something gender-neutral. Owls are gender neutral aren't they?

I made a hooded towel and matching wash cloth. We got one as a gift when Logan was born and we used it for both kids. It was a great present! Hopefully this one will get lots of use as well. I also added some Teething Bling in the new baby package as well. I love mine so much!

I used a tutorial from Sew4Home for this gift.

Those tiny loopdy loops took hours to sew. I just sat there watching my machine inch along most of last night and half of tonight. But it looks really nice even if they are a bit uneven.

And the whole thing wraps up into this cool package. Now to get a card and gift bag!

Coming up: I'm working on a creative project for my sister and her husband. It involves beer - unfortunately it doesn't involve drinking beer... oh well.


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Miri said...

This is so pretty...I love how it looks and it is very practical. Thanks for the link to the tutorial.

p.s.phyllis sews said...

Love the owl fabric!!!!

Larri said...

What a sweet gift! Don't you just love to watch your machine do decorative stitching? It's almost hypnotic! Stopping by from Sew&Tell. Thanks for sharing. Happy Sewing! :o)