Sunday, 8 August 2010

Lane's First Birthday BBQ

We had a small get together and BBQ for Lane's first birthday on Saturday. We weren't actually going to do anything for her birthday because the wedding was only a few weeks ago, but my guilty parent conscience kicked in. We had a first birthday party for Logan, so we needed to do something for Lane as well.

*note: the link above is from a blog post so old that the pictures are not there :( I can't believe my little boy was 1 in 2007. He's growing up so fast.

We got her a pretty cake with noisemakers on it!

Logan really enjoyed playing with the noisemakers. Lane wasn't so sure. She looked at them like they might bite her or something.

But she enjoyed the cake! And she wasn't too messy. We were still being very careful about what we gave her to eat. She was so sick this week and we didn't want to aggravate her tummy. Plus, she already got to smush her other birthday cake earlier in the week.

Present opening was super fun. Look at that sweet smile. Lane smiled and giggled at all of her gifts. She's surrounded by many new stuffy friends down here in the rec room now.

But of course, she loved the packaging the most. She couldn't get enough of this princess gift bag. I'll save it somewhere and pull it out when she's especially hard to entertain.

It was a beautiful day and it was so nice to hang out with friends and have some good BBQ and conversation. Logan says we should have more parties - every weekend. I think he's becoming accustomed to exciting outdoor events because of the wedding and the BBQ. He gets to have Orange Crush and stay up late. Who wouldn't love that? But the season is winding down and his parents need a break. I think next weekend will be a quiet one for us.


Modred Vintage said...

Those pictures are so cute. Enjoy your upcoming quite weekend.

LaRee said...

you are so talented making stuffed critters, when you said there were lots of new ones I wondered which one you made :)