Monday, 16 August 2010

How To: Fabric Strawberry

Today begins a series of tutorials featuring how to create a bowl of fabric fruit.

We'll start with strawberries because when I made my own bowl of fruit I started with strawberries.

Sewing level: Super easy! No machine sewing involved

Time needed: 20 minutes for 2 strawberries

Supplies needed:
- strawberry pattern
- scraps of red fabric
- green felt
- hot glue and hot glue gun
- matching thread
- black embroidery thread (or black fabric pen)
- needle for sewing
- a small amount of stuffing

Step 1:
- download the pattern for the strawberry. It's free! It also includes the pattern for grapes and an apple. Print it out and cut out the pieces needed to make the strawberry.
- Cut the main strawberry piece out of your red scraps. (pictured below are the cut outs for 2 strawberries)

Step 2:
- thread your needle with some black embroidery thread and make knots all over the red pieces. Make sure you knot the thread on both sides of the fabric so that they don't pull off when someone is playing with the strawberry.

Or use your black fabric pen to draw on the strawberry "seeds".

Step 3:
- Thread your needle with matching thread and carefully weave in and out of the outside edge of the circle, gathering as you go. It will start to look like a strawberry shape.
- Before closing up the top, place a small amount of stuffing into the strawberry. I used fabric scraps for this instead of poly-fill. It worked just as well and was a good use of small scraps.
- Close off the top with a few stitches.

Step 4:
- cut a strawberry top out of green felt
- glue it onto the top of your finished strawberry

Step 5:
Make some more pieces of fruit to fit into a pretty decorative bowl!

Next up: How To: Fabric Apple

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Jennwith4 said...

Very cute! What kind of fabric did you use for your strawberry? It doesn't look like quilting cotton.