Thursday, 19 August 2010

How To: Fabric Orange

Today I'll show you how to make the fabric orange. It is by far the easiest one. And it's one of my favourites. :)

Sewing Level: Easy (minimal machine sewing, or you can sew it by hand)

Time Needed: 10 minutes

Supplies needed:
- pattern for the orange
- Orange felt (or orange scraps of fabric)
- green felt (a tiny scrap)
- brown felt (a tinier scrap)
- matching thread
- stuffing
- hot glue and glue gun

Step 1:
- download the free pattern for the orange. Also included in this pattern is the banana.
- cut out 2 of the main orange pieces out of orange fabric

Step 2:
- place right sides together and sew together along outside edge. Leave a few inches open for stuffing.
- turn right side out and stuff. I used fabric scraps for stuffing and it worked just as well as poly-fill.
- hand stitch the opening closed.

Step 3:
- cut out a top from the green felt. I've drawn the design on the pattern for you to look at. It might be too small to cut out and use as a pattern piece.
- cut a small circle out of the brown felt
- glue the green top and then the brown circle on top of the finished orange.

I just love that orange! It's so cute!

Tomorrow is the last how to - the banana.

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