Wednesday, 18 August 2010

How To: Fabric Grapes

Today I'll show you how I made the grapes. I'll let you in on a little secret though. I'm not entirely happy with these grapes. I can bend and shape them to look like a bunch of grapes, but I really was feeling terrible when I made them and I should have spent more time making more grapes to fit in there. Don't really feel like making more grapes now, so these will have to do.

Sewing Level: Easy (no machine sewing)

Time Needed: about 2 hours (sewing those grapes takes forever!)

Supplies Needed:
- grape pattern
- purple or green fabric for the grapes (about 1/4 metre)
- brown felt scraps
- twist ties or pipe cleaner
- matching thread
- stuffing
- hot glue and glue gun

Step 1:
- download the free grape pattern (also included in this pattern page is the apple and the strawberry)
- cut out the pieces needed to make the grape.
- Use the pattern pieces for the branches, or measure using your twist ties or pipe cleaner. You want enough brown felt to cover the twist ties.
- cut enough brown felt to cover all six twist ties

Step 2:
- to make the branches you want to glue the brown felt to the twist ties so that they are covered. See picture above
- the branches should be bendable when you're done.

Step 3:
- use one of your branches as the middle stem and apply the other five with two at the top, 2 in the middle and one at the bottom. See picture above.
- I did some trimming of the branches once I started putting grapes on them, to give them a more "bunch of grapes" look.

Step 4:
- cut at least 16 grapes out of your main fabric. I think I would have put more than 16 on - 20 or 22 perhaps?

Step 5:
- Thread your needle and weave it in and out around the edge of the circle, making a ball shape.
- Before you close the top, place a little stuffing inside the grape. I used fabric scraps for this and it works just as well as poly-fill.

Step 6:
- Leave a length of thread after you close the top of the grape. Use if to attach the grape to your felt branches.

Step 7:
- repeat and repeat and repeat until you're terribly bored and wonder why you even started in the first place. Or until you have a beautiful bunch of grapes - whichever comes first. :P

Next up: The Easy Orange

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