Friday, 20 August 2010

How To: Fabric Banana

I saved the best for last. Today I'll show you how to make the fabric banana. Isn't it awesome? I love the scraps of fabric I dug out for the peel.

Sewing Level: Easy (some machine sewing)

Time Needed: About an hour

Supplies Needed:
- Pattern for the banana
- scraps for banana peel
- scraps for banana
- matching thread
- stuffing

Step 1:
- download the free pattern for the banana and cut out the pieces that you'll need. Also included in this pattern is the orange.
- Cut out 2 banana shapes

Step 2:
- With right sides together, sew the two pieces together, leaving a few inches for turning and stuffing
- Turn right side out
- Stuff the banana
(the is the point where your partner might walk in and make several corny banana jokes - try to have patience. Men have such a strange sense of humor sometimes. Although I will admit that I laughed along with him.)
- hand sew the opening closed.

Step 3:
- to make the banana peel, cut out 6 of the banana peel/leaf piece (I called it a leaf on the pattern for some reason, but it is really more of a peel.)
- place two pieces right sides together and sew around the edges, leaving a couple of inches open for turning.
- turn banana peel right side out. Pin the opening closed and topstitch around the entire edge, closing the opening as you go.
- repeat for two more peels

Step 4:
- pin the peels where you would like them on your banana and sew them together by hand. I made mine so that the banana is loose inside the peel in order to be able to separate them. But it would be just as good to sew the peels to the banana as well.

There you have it! The fruit bowl is complete!


Jennwith4 said...

I'm loving that banana! How cute!

Modred Vintage said...

That's too cute! I had to laugh at you calling it easy though, it's beyone my skill level. I guess that's why I buy handmade instead of making it.