Tuesday, 17 August 2010

How To: Fabric Apple

Today I'll show you how to make a fabric apple.

I think it's cute. Terry thinks it's a moldy apple. I admit, I probably should have chosen another green to make this green apple, but I didn't really have any scraps other than this mint green colour. So it's a little moldy - whatever! I'm sure you'll choose a wonderful colour, maybe a vibrant red or an acid green and blow my little apple out of the water!

Sewing Level: Super easy (some machine sewing)

Time Needed: about 10 minutes.

Supplies needed:
- apple pattern
- fabric scraps in apple colours
- green felt for leaf
- brown felt for stem
- matching thread
- stuffing
- hot glue and glue gun

Step 1:
- download the free apple pattern. Also included in this pattern are the strawberry and grapes.
- cut out the pieces for the apple
- using your apple coloured scraps, cut 6 pieces using the main apple pattern piece

Step 2:
- sew the long edges together leaving 1 side open. You should have a ball shape like the one pictured above.

Step 3:
- Turn right side out
- Stuff the apple and hand stitch the opening closed. I used fabric scraps to stuff the apple. It works just as well as poly-fill and uses up some really small scraps.

Step 4:
- Cut the leaf for the apple out of green felt using the leaf pattern piece
- Cut the square for the stem out of brown felt.
- Roll the brown piece until it resembles a stem and glue together
- glue both the stem and leaf into place at the top of your apple (finished apple pictured at the top of this post)

Our bowl of fruit is starting to look good! I think tomorrow I will post up the grape tutorial since it's on the same pattern page as the strawberry and apple. Stay tuned!

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Jennwith4 said...

lol on the moldy apple. it's very cute.