Sunday, 22 August 2010


My sister and her husband are beer aficionados. They brew their own and Mark even wins awards for his blend! So when they asked me for a custom order Hophead, I didn't really think it was out of the ordinary (well.. OK... I thought it was a little weird, but not really out of the ordinary).

You see, for us not in the beer knowledge, a hophead is: Someone who appreciates highly hopped beer. (According to Wikipedia) It's also an early 1900s slang term for a user of Opium (but I don't think they were going for this reference).

They wanted me to create a hat that resembled a beer hop. Hops are the flavouring and stability agent in beer (again according to Wikipedia) Here is a lovely picture of one.

By making a hat that resembles this plant, my sister and her husband will turn themselves into Hopheads. They are actually going to wear these ridonkulous hats at a beer festival in Victoria in September - so if you're there, be on the lookout!

Do you think I look like an appreciator of highly hopped beer?

I even made awesome ear holes so that they are able to hear all the wonderful beer conversation. Because I'm sure that "hophead" is not the only beer related lingo that will be bantered about.

And it's also designed to fit over a ball cap. If you know my brother in law you know that he's always wearing a cap, so the hophead has gotta conform to the fashion. :)

They have Velcro at the chin and are adjustable. Yup, they are awesome!

Aww, his and hers hopheads.

I even used a decorative stitch around every leaf - all 65 of them! Yes, that's 65 leaves per hat! They took a lot of work, but I think they turned out pretty darned good.

If any Hopheads are reading this blog post and would like a fantabulous headpiece of their own, just send me an email (link in my Blogger profile). I'd be happy to work out a custom order so that you too can show off your hopheadery in true fashion!


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Larri said...

Look at you using your decorative stitch! That's too cute. Thanks for sharing! :o) Larri at Seams Inspired