Monday, 2 August 2010


Lane has a new favourite word.


She uses it whenever daddy picks her up to go outside, when we get ready to feed her something she really likes and when mommy reads her a book.

I love that she's trying to communicate with us! It makes mommy and daddy very HAPPY too!

The video doesn't really show Lane using her new word in context. She wasn't feeling very well today, so we had to make do with what she was willing to show us. Do you hear Terry saying, "happy" in the background?

On another note: Logan has been 3 days with pull-ups during the day and no major accidents. :)


And on yet another note: I sold out of boy cut panties at Tawny Bee, so I made a few more sets today. Check 'em out in the shop!

Candy Apple Boy Cut Panties
Psychedelic Purple Boy Cut Panties

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