Tuesday, 3 August 2010

A Gift Monstrosity

Josh and Mel have been our good friends for a long time. And they were indispensable during our wedding. I had to come up with a really terrific gift that would show them how much they mean to us.

So of course I chose Monsters!

These are all monsters made by me from the book that Josh and Mel gave me for Christmas - Invasion of the Plush Monsters! Wickedly Weird Creatures You Just Gotta Sew.

Meet the monstrous line-up:

This is PocketMouth. She has a wide stance in order to tame the wild Tri_plod (who will be introduced later in this post). Oh yeah, and she has a pocket for a mouth - cool!

This is Split-Personality. He/She is angry as pictured here and happy (as pictured in the group shot above). Whatever mood you're in, Split-Personality can help you emote. And yes, I'm aware the He/She looks a little like a piece of male anatomy. I didn't have much colour choice for this monster, but I'm sure Josh and Mel will have plenty of jokes to tell about this little lady/guy.

This is Finko. He's a little bit cheeky, hence the tongue sticking out. But he has love in his eyes and he's a gentle soul.

And this is in our opinion the creme de la creme of monsters. Meet Tri-Plod. He truly is monstrous! Terry and I are going to have a tough time giving him up. He's been entertaining us around here for weeks.

We have several of Tri-Plod's favourite phrases ready for anyone who wants to know:

"Tri-Plod SMASH!!!!"
"Tri-Plod concerned for the state of public schools."
"Tri-Plod not from IKEA!"


All of these monsters were stuffed with shredded fabric scraps that Logan was very proud to help collect with mommy because, you know, Tri-plod is very aware of the environment. "Tri-Plod is a green monster!!!"

I'll be putting name tags on these guys and sending them to their new home on Saturday. I'm sure Josh and Mel will give them a hearty welcome and be careful to mind their diet of Kleenex and Slurpees (according to Logan). "Tri-Plod enjoy a good Pepsi Slurpee."


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