Saturday, 21 August 2010

Friday Night Out With the Family

Terry and I have started to become attached to our Friday nights out with the family. Before we had kids, we always went out for dinner (and sometimes a beer) on Friday night after work. After we had Logan, we didn't get to do that as much. I missed it. Terry missed it. So now that we've started up again, it's really a great time!

Going out on Friday night for dinner with the family is our way of rewarding ourselves for making it through the work week. Terry gets up at 5:30 every morning and heads to work while I watch the kids all day. It's exhausting! So it's really nice at the end of a long week to go out and enjoy ourselves.

Last night we took the kids to Montana's for the first time. I think they had a terrific time.

Here is Lane wearing the deer hat that the hostess passes out to all the kids. She didn't really like wearing the hat (you see my arm holding it on for the picture?). She did, however, enjoy a pile of cornbread and BBQ chicken. Yum Yum!

Here is Logan. The thinking man's kinda Moose Hahahaha. He enjoyed all the stuff they had up in the rafters - canoes, ski-dos, a whole truck! He also enjoyed dessert which included two cookies with a gummy worm on them. Num num! Oh - and the bathrooms were satisfactory as well. And as you mommies know, public bathrooms occupy a lot of a toddler's thinking and activity.

Here is Logan's weird face. He's starting to be the kid that doesn't like his picture taken, so he makes faces as Daddy tries to snap a pic on the iPhone.

And Lane once more trying to get that darned hat off her head.

There's mommy watching Lane trying to pull the hat off her head.

And because it wouldn't be a Team LT blog if there wasn't at least one goofy picture, here it is! Unfortunately we didn't get a pic of daddy this time. I should have grabbed the phone away from him and snapped a few. He was wearing the deer hat for most of the meal! hahaha

Do any of you have a family thing that you do every week? Game night? Movie night? etc.
I love our Friday evenings out. Looking forward to the next one already.


Jennwith4 said...

How fun! LOL to those hats! We have a movie night almost every week and we also have homemade pizza night every Friday. The kids help out with the cooking on that night.

Periwinkle Dzyns said...

Tawny, sometimes we live the weirdest parallel lives,,,,!! I had supper out with my kids this week too at guessed it - Montana's!
they wouldn't wear the hats either! but we did have fun colouring on the table clothe! oh and they're 14 and 19....