Friday, 6 August 2010

Dad's Fried Rice: A Recipe

This is my dad's recipe for friend rice. He's Chinese (making me half Chinese for those of you who don't already know... um... yeah... I look like my mom). Dad used to cook at my grandparent's Chinese food restaurant as well. So this is a terrific recipe. You should try it!

Remember that fried rice is a way of getting rid of leftovers. So most of these measurements won't be exact - actually there are no real measurements at all. You can substitute almost any ingredient in this list with another of your choice - except the rice and soy sauce of course! :P

- rice (long grain, white rice is the kind I use. It seems to work the best)
- peas
- leftover ham, chicken, beef, pork or stir fry strips of any of these meats, Chinese style sausage is great as well
- green onion
- eggs
- bacon
- soy sauce
- salt
- pepper

1) Cook the rice. I used about a cup of uncooked rice for mine.

2) Brown your choice of meat. Beef is pictured here. If working with leftovers, cut it into stir fry-sized bites. Steam the Chinese-style sausage and cut it into bites as well. I didn't have any this evening, but it's my fave!

3) Cook up some peas. I just poured some frozen peas out of the package until I felt I had enough. Maybe a cup? If you have green onion, chop some up as well.

4) Pepper your eggs and then scramble them. I used 5 eggs because I love them in fried rice. Some people omit these altogether because they don't like eggs. Logan totally hates eggs, but one day while we were having fried rice, the eggs got into his portion and he took a bite and said, "Mommy this yellow rice is really good." He continued to eat the eggs and call them yellow rice. We have never corrected him. He's probably gonna be scarred for life when he finds out the truth.

5) Cut up your bacon into bite sized pieces. Place it in the bottom of a wok (if you have one) or a large pot works as well. Fry it up! If you don't have bacon, you can pour a little oil in the bottom to make the rice not stick as badly. I like making the fried rice in the little bit of bacon grease, it gives it good flavour. I never use the entire package of bacon, it's way too much and you'd have to drain the grease before proceeding.

6) Add the rice, meat, peas - basically every ingredient except the eggs. Pour in some soy sauce. Everyone has different ideas about how "brown" they want their fried rice. The brownness doesn't come from the actual frying, it comes from the soy sauce. So pour as much as you like in there to make it the brownness you want. I like mine pretty light which means only about a tablespoon or 2 of soy sauce.

7) Add the eggs after you've mixed everything together. Dad taught me to add the eggs last because then they don't suck up all the soy sauce and turn a weird brown colour - yuck.

8) This is where my dad would heavily salt the entire batch of friend rice. He's used to cooking at the restaurant though, so I forgive him. If you want it to be true restaurant style, then I say heavily salt it. But it tastes just as good with a little salt on it as well ;)


You can make it in any combination you like. My personal fave is ham with Chinese-style pork sausage and bacon. You can even make it vegetarian.

Of course, I don't think that many Chinese people actually eat this at their house. I don't ever remember seeing it at my grandparents house. I think it was just a restaurant specialty. Terry loves it though, and it's a perfectly yummy way to use up leftovers. A Chinese-style casserole if you will :D


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