Tuesday, 24 August 2010


I had a dream a few nights ago that went like this:

I had dropped Logan off at his first day of nursery school. Somehow in this dream I could see what his first day was like but I wasn't actually present in the room.

The teacher asked the children about body parts. Where is your nose? Where are your knees? etc. Then she went around the room and asked each child to point something out. When she got to Logan, she asked, "What is this?" (pointing to his elbow). Logan didn't know. He was the only child in the entire class that didn't know.

I then came to pick my little man up from his first day and the teacher proceeded to tell me that I hadn't prepared my child enough for pre-school and that I was basically a horrible mother for not working with Logan more on basic knowledge.


OK, so this was a total anxiety dream. I know I'm going to have a ton more before I drop him off at school for the first time. But seriously, this one was on the ridiculous side. Children don't need to be prepared for pre-school, and furthermore, even if they did have to be, Logan is extremely smart and curious and unique and friendly. He's not going to have any trouble at school.

Gah! I just wish I could skip all this anxiety and be on the other side of it all. Everything will be fine.

The boy knows what an elbow is!


To make matters worse, I have a pacemaker appointment tomorrow. This always gives me a little anxiety even though I know everything is working properly. So I can imagine that my dreams will be out of control tonight.

I'll keep you posted. :)

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