Monday, 23 August 2010

Acorn Wreath

I had never seen a real life acorn ever until this weekend. And, I freely admit that I am lame because I went nuts over the little things. They were so cute! We were at St. Malo beach for one of our last fun days of summer when I found that acorns had fallen from some of the trees. Logan and I spent awhile collecting them because it was too windy to play in the sand. Terry must have thought we were off our rockers, but he didn't say too much. He knows better than to stop us from collecting craft supplies (especially when they're free).

Of course I had to make something out of these pretty things. I couldn't let a new novelty like acorns escape my crafty radar. So when Lane was having one of her infamous short afternoon naps, Logan and I got to work. We made a sweet little wreath for the front door.

I started with a plain old Ziploc container lid. The container has long since been thrown out, but we still somehow have all the lids. I cut out the middle.

And then wrapped it with green ribbon. Logan picked the ribbon out of all the autumn colours I gave him to choose from.

And then we glued a pile of acorns on the top and decorated with pretty autumn coloured flowers and an orange fall leaf.

We used a pop can tab as the hanger for the back.

Isn't it darling? Logan picked out all the decorations himself and helped me glue the acorns onto the wreath. He's such a great crafter. I can't wait to see the wonderful crafts he brings home when he starts nursery school in September.


I'm going to share our beautiful acorn wreath with the fine folks at:

Tea Rose Home


Amie said...

What a beautiful wreath! I can't wait to start hanging fall decorations. :) Great work!

Unknown said...

wow, that is a beautiful wreath, and so green to use all recyclable crafts! I love it!