Wednesday, 4 August 2010

1st Birthday Girl

Happy birthday to our sweetie, cutie, angel little baby Lane!

She's 1 year old today!!

She's been a sick little girl for the past three days, so we weren't sure how her birthday would go today. But this afternoon she started gaining her appetite back and she was back to bugging her big brother and trying to steal all his toys.

Logan and I went to the store to pick out a singing card for her which she really enjoyed. And you may think that I've been busy sewing presents for my little sweetie. Especially since I was busy sewing a present for baby Claire who turned one a few days ago (remember that post?) But seriously, Lane gets new clothes and sewn stuff on a regular basis, so we did something special for her. We visited Toys R Us last weekend. We walked around and made note of the things that caught her attention. She ended up with a stuffed pony and a little puppy that you can pull around on a string. Yay!

I hope this little celebration didn't set her wellness back a few days. A girl needs cake on her birthday!

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Jen said...

Happy birthday Lane!! Hope you enjoyed your cake! :)