Saturday, 3 July 2010

Winnipeg Beach Trip

Terry took the day off yesterday so we decided to head to the beach for the day. We hummed and hawed about what to do and finally decided a bit late that we were going to do this. So of course, when we got there, we realized that we forgot our swim bag with all the bathing suits and towels in it! Ooops!

We still had a good time playing in the sand and at the park and having some ice cream, but we promised Logan that we would make it up to him today.

This morning after careful planning, we started off for Winnipeg Beach.

We started with chips and naps in the car for our drive out there.
It rained for a bit when we first arrived, but it soon stopped and we had a wonderful time in the water.

Look at Lane in her new bathing suit. Awwww.

She's a total water baby. She loved hanging out there with her daddy. I also love how the lake is so large that you can't see across it. To an Alberta girl, this is amazing. You can see the faint trace of the beach on the other side though if you squint hard enough.

Logan is a little more cautious. He decided that playing in the sand was much better than dealing with the waves and water. Notice me in the background? You can only see the top of my head hehehe

Then we stopped at the arcade where Lane and Logan took a little train and race car ride. We had dinner at Salty's and then home time.

I know 2 little munchkins who will sleep well tonight!

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