Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Terry and Tawny Get Married: The Bumpy Road to St. Malo

After leaving the 7-Eleven, we started the drive out to St. Malo. By this time it was already 12:00 and we realized that we were going to be a bit late for our own wedding!

We had taken too long visiting with everyone who wanted to caravan out to the lake with us. And now we were running behind. Noon was the time we were supposed to be at the park decorating before our guests arrived - oops!

Anyway, we started out on the highway and got going just past the perimetre when we noticed that Josh and Mel were stopped by the side of the road. They were transporting our BBQ out to the lake in their truck. The BBQ wasn't being cooperative that day and had tipped over on the bridge, so they were busy tying it down some more. We all stopped along the side of the highway and Terry helped rig the BBQ for the rest of the trip.

We finally arrived at the lake a little before 1:00. The wedding ceremony was going to start at 1:30, so we just made it!

Of course our guests, being the prompt awesome people they are, were already there waiting for us. So decorating was put on hold. We realized we didn't even need the lovely signs we had made to signal the parking lot. It was a good thing that we emailed and posted maps of the park and the map with directions to the lake on Facebook and the blog earlier that week.

Since we had only planned to put up a few balloons and some fold-out wedding bells, it wasn't that big of a loss. We still hung the banner and got everything ready for the ceremony to start on time.

Lane and mommy checking out the amphitheatre before the ceremony

All I can say is at least Terry, Me and the kids all rode in the car together! Or else one of us would be standing at the alter wondering what the hell happened hehehe.

Yeah we're not very traditional around here. I rode with Terry in the car and everyone saw me before I walked down the aisle. Meh... that's just the way we roll.

Here's Logan ready for the wedding. Notice his sweet "man fabric" tie and Berry Slurpee lips?

Next up: The Kiss!


Jen said...

Sounds like quite the adventure you guys had before getting there! It all worked out though, and it's not like the wedding would happen without you! I loved how relaxed it was!

We also were running a bit late getting there, and then were forced to take a detour when the highway that the GPS told us to take was closed. Then we got lost in the park and had to ask for directions! So I was very glad the ceremony didn't start until 1:30. I thought we were going to miss the entire thing!

Jennie said...

So glad there weren't any "OMG the world is ending!" meltdowns over being late to the site.

On my wedding day my partner, his best friend who was staying with us and I all caught a taxi to the registry office together. We got there before any of our guests!

anita said...

Did something fly off the BBQ too? When we were stopped ahead of you, I thought I saw Terry running onto the highway to retrieve something!

Tawny said...

Yup - it was a bit of a gong show!

But I'm glad everyone got there and the ceremony was wonderful.

The foot of the BBQ flew off and Terry had to walk up a bridge made for heavy traffic to retrieve it. It had gotten run over once or twice!