Thursday, 8 July 2010

Mommy is Battery Powered

Logan loves batteries. He loves when daddy needs to change them in his toys or the flashlight. He enjoys it when mommy needs to charge her computer mouse or camera battery. He watches intently when daddy disconnects the batteries on the weed wacker and sets them up to charge.

Logan especially loves to buy batteries at the Superstore. This seems to be a regular occurrence around our place. We have a ton of things that need batteries.

Even the things that don't need batteries, need them in Logan's little world. These things include:
- the BBQ
- the lawnmowers
- the electric mixer
- the blender
- my sewing machine
Even though these things don't actually take batteries, Logan has been known to place blocks in or underneath these appliances to act as batteries.

So when I told him that mommy was battery-powered he was instantly fascinated. His eyes got big and he asked a bunch of questions.

"Do you know that mommy has a pacemaker right here (pointing to pacemaker scar) and that it has batteries in it that makes it work?"

Logan: "Are those batteries dead soon mommy?"
"Can you buy new batteries at the store mommy?"
"How do you put them in mommy?"

Yup, mommy just got a whole lot cooler! :)

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