Thursday, 29 July 2010

Logan's Girlfriend Turns 1

I interrupt the regularly scheduled Wedding Wrap Up to wish sweet little Claire a happy first birthday!

Claire is my friend Jen's little girl. She was born a week before Laney and when Logan grows up, he's gonna marry her! Squeee! (haha isn't it funny what crazy cute things mommies get into their heads?)

Anyway, Claire is a blondie with blue eyes, so she can pull off pink way better than Laney. Remember that outfit I made for Lane for the wedding? It was red. Well, I made one for Claire, only it's pink! Awwww...

A white shirred top with Birdie short pants. At least I hope they are short pants. They are on Lane, but Claire is slightly more petite than Lane is. Hmmm... oh well, they'll look cute as full length pants too :)

Here's a pic of the birthday girl from the wedding. I chose this picture because it doesn't show her face. Not sure if Jen wants her little sweetie baby's face plastered all over my blog. But Logan doesn't get that luxury hehehe. His look says it all. "You may be cute little girl, but you can't sweet talk your way into getting my juice!" Back off honey! HAHAHAHA!

Once again, Happy Birthday Claire!

Lane's 1st birthday is in 6 days! Any suggestions for what we should get for her? Logan says Smarties. Don't think she's old enough for that yet.


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chezmay said...

This outfit is just soo cute, I love it. I just wish my grand daughters were young enough to still wear such cute clothes, I'd buy them all a set.

trish said...

too cute!

Larri said...

Love the pink birdie fabric! :o) Thanks for sharing. Happy Sewing! :o)

P. said...

Very cute outfit! I love those birdie print shorts!

Quiltpiecer said...

Great post ... thanks for sharing!

p.s.phyllis sews said...

Adorable! Such a fun post, too.

Jen said...

Aww, thanks! I just saw this today, we were out of town for Claire's birthday. That outfit is absolutely adorable!! I can't wait to try it on her. You could have posted whatever photo you wanted from the wedding, they're all on facebook anyway. :) You guys will have to come over sometime soon and check out Claire's new pool we bought her!

Happy birthday to Lane! I'm glad she's feeling better!