Thursday, 1 July 2010

Happy Canada Day and the Countdown Begins

Happy Canada Day!

Team LT spent the day at the Royal Canadian Mint in Winnipeg. Yay! Very Canadian.

Check out the only patriotic dresser in our family. Lane wore a custom made Tawny Bee Canada Bonnet. Adorable!

There was a car show beside the International Flags at the entrance to the Mint. Cool.

We had a picnic out on the expansive lawn. Roast Beef on a Bun. Nummers! And then I snapped a few pics in front of the decorative Maple Leaf.

We went inside for a tour. We weren't allowed to snap pictures of the actual coins being pressed, or the machines in this case since no one was working. But Terry got this one of us in the hallway.

Lane looks like she's in the middle of getting into some sort of mischief.

Then we braved the heat (30 C and sunny today!) and went to look at the water spray in the lake on the grounds of the Mint.

Logan is looking very big and menacing in the pic... awwwww. My little tough guy.

When we got home, Logan was busy playing when his tummy decided that all those mini-donuts, and all that Root Beer was a bad idea. He barfed it all up and continued to play. Nothing phases a toddler. :)

We had a BBQ at home and Terry took the kids to the park. When they got home, they got into their jammies and within minutes were both passed out for the night.

So everyone without too little heat exhausted munchkins - enjoy the fireworks! Terry and I will be relaxing at home tonight.


It's also the first day in July. Normally I would announce a new theme for the month, but I've got way too much wedding stuff to organize. So this month is going without a theme (or if you can't handle that, you can call it the Wedding Month again hah!)

24 days until I become a real Tawny B. - instead of the Tawny W. that I am right now.

I'll be working on bridesmaid outfits this weekend. Stay tuned!


Jennie said...

Only 24 days to go! Wowwee!

This Mom said...

Hi there! Just found you through FMIC and I'm your newest follower. Always nice to get to know a fellow Canadian.

Happy belated Canada Day! Sounds like you had a great day!

Kate @ This Mom Loves