Friday, 16 July 2010

Groomsmen Ties

You may remember how stylish Terry and Logan are going to look at the wedding. Remember the fox butt ties? They are pairing those ties with muscle shirts and shorts. Nice eh?

Well, we couldn't forget about the groomsmen! Unfortunately, I ran out of "man fabric" before I could make ties for them. But never fear, I found "man fabric #2"! And it's especially Manitoban - it has bisons!

Oooh aren't they going to look special with their bison butt ties? hahaha I used this wonderful tutorial once again to make these ties.

A close up to show that there aren't that many actual bison butts on these ties. I did some fancy cutting! :)

You can also see that the posts for the wedding favours are cut. That's what I'll be working on tomorrow. Yay!

I'll share these crazy ties with the creative sewists at:

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Jennie said...

I can't wait to see photos of your wedding! I follow another blogger who's putting together a handmade wedding, but at the opposite end of the romance & dignity scale (ie no animal butts). Yours looks like much more fun!