Friday, 9 July 2010

Ghetto Crafting: Tawny's Wedding Bouquet

A few years back, before we had kids, during the first time we lived in Windsor Park, someone spray painted the Windsor Park sign. Thinking it would be funny, this bandit tried to write "ghetto" in front of the words Windsor Park. Unfortunately, this culprit wasn't very smart and so the sign read, "Get to Windsor Park."

Sounds like a travel ad for the neighbourhood doesn't it? Anyway, this struck us as terribly funny and now every time I want to label something "Ghetto" I always think that maybe it's a little "get to" as well.

So, when I was making my DIY wedding bouquet and realized that I was Ghetto-ising it just a little bit by using very inexpensive items instead of their professional-looking counterparts, I also thought about that silly sign and decided that I was really get-to-ing it. I was using my crafty brain to make something beautiful out of everyday objects and very little cost. How very ghetto-creative of me!

Now let's get to it!

Final product is really pretty!

Last night I took the scraps from my wedding dress fabric and made these flowers using this fabulous tutorial from Sew Ritzy-titzy. A free tutorial! Yay!

Normally, someone who wasn't ghetto crafting would go out and buy pretty floral tape and wire. But me? Hells no! Bamboo Skewers, some scrap felt and a little hot glue action is what is holding these pretty flowers together. The flowers are the same ones that I put on my garter and my veil :)

Oh yes, the bamboo skewing and hot glue doesn't end there. I put them on these pretty flowers as well. And did I sand these skewers after I cut off the pointy ends? Nope, I just put the jagged edge into the flower and glued it all up nice.

I suppose I could have used that fancy floral tape that I was supposed to buy if I weren't ghetto crafting to tie these skewers together. But why when I had a perfectly good dollar store hair elastic available?

Did I mention that I'm making my own party favours as well? Yup, that is going to take ghetto crafting to a whole other level! Anyway, I bought this ribbon that says "From This Moment" on sale for 40 cents a roll. And, like the thrifty person I am, I bought 18 of them! Stay tuned for how I will incorporate this ribbon into party favours.

I wrapped the entire thing in tulle and tied it up.

I bet that the professional (and expensive!) version of this bouquet wouldn't be quite as special and personal. I also bet that some of the married women at the wedding will want to catch and keep this bouquet! Ghetto-Pretty!!!!

I'm linking up with this wonderful opportunity to share my creative work:

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Beth said...

Oh Tawny, How Pretty!

Jennie said...

I love that you've been able to use your dress fabric in your bouquet. Very special!

Better not throw that bouquet or you might have someone's eye out.