Sunday, 4 July 2010

The Bridesmaid Outfits

Since I have to send two of the bridesmaid tops that I'm making to Alberta so that my sister and best friend can find some bottoms to match in time for the big day, I thought I'd better get to sewing them!

I looked up "shirring" on Youtube and found some very helpful videos showing me exactly how to set up my machine with the elastic thread and complete this technique.

And as usual with me, I practiced and it came out perfect the first try, but when I went to actually sew the top, it came out all wonky - several times! I ended up getting frustrated and giving up for awhile. I went to have a nap and then tried again. This time it worked fine. Sheesh - maybe my machine was having an off day?

Anyway, after all that grief, the top turned out so lovely :)

I made it a one size fits most sort of design. I don't want to be doing too many adjustments the day of the wedding. I even made the straps tie, so I wouldn't have to adjust sizing of straps on the morning before I get married.

Here it is on me. The bridesmaid I made it for is smaller than I am, so you can see the shirring is seriously stretched when I wear it. It'll look much nicer on my sister. :)

Now to make 2 more and ship 2 of them to Alberta!

Countdown: 20 days until the Wedding!!!!

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Modred Vintage said...

That's so cool that you're helping your sister out like that. It turned out well. Sometimes a nap fixes everything.

Follow Me, I'm Canadian said...

Congratulations! Thanks for joining FMIC today!

Amber D said...

Very cool idea. Are they going to have the same bottoms or the same color bottoms or whatever they want?

Sally said...

I have been reading so much about shirring lately, and I'm about ready to give it a go. I love yours!