Saturday, 31 July 2010

Intense Parenting

Today has been a test of our strength as parents.

First, we cut out a bottle in the middle of the day for Lane. Ouch! She's now down to two. One in the morning and one in the evening. Pretty soon, we'll be cutting out the bottle entirely. This was an easy transition for Logan who really enjoyed his sippy cups, but Lane is more attached to her bottle. It went well today, so maybe we have a chance.

Not only did we do that, but we presented a strong parental front to Logan this morning by making him wear his pull-ups all day. I have to admit, his lack of serious potty training is completely our fault. We're lazy and full of excuses. He was showing signs of being ready almost 2 years ago, but we're only getting around to finishing the work now.

First there was a tough pregnancy, then we bought a house and moved, then Lane was born and then the wedding took our attention. But no more excuses! It's time to get this potty training thing done.

We had planned to do this today so I worked on doing lots of laundry to have lots of accident shorts ready just in case. And of course, this is the week when Logan's diapers didn't fit quite right and leaked, or he got messed up playing with paint or sand. So I had no shorts ready. What does a crafty mother do in this situation?

Make some more!

I have decided to participate in The Train To Crazy's Great Destash Challenge. This was the first project. I made these shorts out of the leftover knit I had from making Logan some t-shirts.


Next up, while I was on the subject of bottoms, I realized that my own collection of underwear was becoming worn out. Let me tell you, it's a great day when you get to make yourself some pretty new panties!

Once again, I used only fabric and notions from my stash. Woo! I love them all. Which ones should I wear first?

I used up the ends of three spools of thread today and realized that I don't have as much fabric as I had thought in my stash. So a trip to the fabric store is in store for tomorrow - but only to buy thread, terry cloth (I have none for a new baby present I'm planning) and green felt (for an interesting and creative project that my sister has commissioned from me).

Wish us luck with the continuation of our guerrilla parenting!


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Friday, 30 July 2010

Terry and Tawny Get Married: The Kids

For those of you who don't already know, I was born with a heart defect called Tetralogy of Fallot. I had surgery when I was 3 and received a pacemaker at that time. Other than a few pacemaker changes, I have had a pretty sweet life free of complications.

In 2004 I started thinking about having kids. The original plan was to adopt when I was ready, but my wonderful cardiologist told me that I was free to try to get pregnant. Only catch - the sooner the better.

So, our plans changed from possibly getting a house and getting married, to dreams of having a baby. This plan took its toll on our relationship and we ended up taking a 5 month break. We refer to this as the lost 5 months and we never want to speak of it.

Needless to say, after we reconfirmed our love and commitment we were blessed with Logan. After the pregnancy, my cardiologist gave us the all clear to have another baby. Well, this time we already had our sweetie little Logan, so there was much less pressure. We still planned for it to take 2 years, and of course, Lane came right away.

Why am I telling you all this?

Because I wanted to show you that we always knew that our children would be at our wedding.

It's not a traditional order, but we went kids, house and then marriage. Whatever ... having the children there made the day that much more special to me. I'm glad we got to share this commitment with them.

I think they both sensed that something very important was going on. Logan carried the ring pillow down the aisle very solemnly. The wedding party and Terry were up at the front. I walked in with my dad who was giving me away, and Logan with Lane in the stroller.

Logan got tired of holding the ring pillow, so he gave it to Uncle Cory. But he still sat down at the front and watched the ceremony without too much interruption. Lane sat quietly eying our guests and chewing on her stroller strap.

Paula the wedding commissioner was fabulous and included Logan and Lane in the ceremony. She announced that our love was already sealed and shown in our two children. :)

The kids were even there to witness the signing of our wedding certificate.

And we walked out as a complete family.

Of course, the kids were really just waiting for the cake!

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Logan's Girlfriend Turns 1

I interrupt the regularly scheduled Wedding Wrap Up to wish sweet little Claire a happy first birthday!

Claire is my friend Jen's little girl. She was born a week before Laney and when Logan grows up, he's gonna marry her! Squeee! (haha isn't it funny what crazy cute things mommies get into their heads?)

Anyway, Claire is a blondie with blue eyes, so she can pull off pink way better than Laney. Remember that outfit I made for Lane for the wedding? It was red. Well, I made one for Claire, only it's pink! Awwww...

A white shirred top with Birdie short pants. At least I hope they are short pants. They are on Lane, but Claire is slightly more petite than Lane is. Hmmm... oh well, they'll look cute as full length pants too :)

Here's a pic of the birthday girl from the wedding. I chose this picture because it doesn't show her face. Not sure if Jen wants her little sweetie baby's face plastered all over my blog. But Logan doesn't get that luxury hehehe. His look says it all. "You may be cute little girl, but you can't sweet talk your way into getting my juice!" Back off honey! HAHAHAHA!

Once again, Happy Birthday Claire!

Lane's 1st birthday is in 6 days! Any suggestions for what we should get for her? Logan says Smarties. Don't think she's old enough for that yet.


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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Wordless Wednesday: The Kiss

Photo taken by Chris and Jen G. July 24th, 2010

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Terry and Tawny Get Married: The Bumpy Road to St. Malo

After leaving the 7-Eleven, we started the drive out to St. Malo. By this time it was already 12:00 and we realized that we were going to be a bit late for our own wedding!

We had taken too long visiting with everyone who wanted to caravan out to the lake with us. And now we were running behind. Noon was the time we were supposed to be at the park decorating before our guests arrived - oops!

Anyway, we started out on the highway and got going just past the perimetre when we noticed that Josh and Mel were stopped by the side of the road. They were transporting our BBQ out to the lake in their truck. The BBQ wasn't being cooperative that day and had tipped over on the bridge, so they were busy tying it down some more. We all stopped along the side of the highway and Terry helped rig the BBQ for the rest of the trip.

We finally arrived at the lake a little before 1:00. The wedding ceremony was going to start at 1:30, so we just made it!

Of course our guests, being the prompt awesome people they are, were already there waiting for us. So decorating was put on hold. We realized we didn't even need the lovely signs we had made to signal the parking lot. It was a good thing that we emailed and posted maps of the park and the map with directions to the lake on Facebook and the blog earlier that week.

Since we had only planned to put up a few balloons and some fold-out wedding bells, it wasn't that big of a loss. We still hung the banner and got everything ready for the ceremony to start on time.

Lane and mommy checking out the amphitheatre before the ceremony

All I can say is at least Terry, Me and the kids all rode in the car together! Or else one of us would be standing at the alter wondering what the hell happened hehehe.

Yeah we're not very traditional around here. I rode with Terry in the car and everyone saw me before I walked down the aisle. Meh... that's just the way we roll.

Here's Logan ready for the wedding. Notice his sweet "man fabric" tie and Berry Slurpee lips?

Next up: The Kiss!

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Terry and Tawny Get Married: The Pre-Wedding Slurpee

This post is the first in a series of wedding day wrap up blog posts. Not sure how many there will be, but I'm sure all of you will be sick of reading before I'm done mwahahaha.

Let's start today with the pre-wedding Slurpee trip. In case you didn't know, Manitoba is the Slurpee capital of the world (for the 11th year running!) And I grew up with a dad who loves the tasty icy treat.

Therefore, I always knew that to have a truly Manitoban/Tawny sorta wedding, I would have to stop by my local 7-Eleven in my wedding dress and get myself a Slurpee! :D And I would definitely need someone to document the occasion.

So on Saturday morning as we were all about to caravan out to St. Malo, we stopped on St. Anne's and gave the 7-Eleven workers quite the surprise. Almost our entire wedding party went in for a cool treat.

Unfortunately, Lane fell asleep in the car before we arrived. We didn't want to wake her and have a fussy baby on our hands all day, so Terry stayed out in the car and my aunt Anita was the photographer. Yay!

Here is me and little Logan filling our Slurpee cups

Stay tuned for the next leg of our wedding day journey: the bumpy road to St. Malo

Friday, 23 July 2010

Flower Girl Dress

There was a bit of a flower girl emergency this week. We had a lovely dress that my mom sent to us all ready for Lane to wear. It was made out of a sweet white eyelet like the eyelet I used in my dress. So precious.

But then Lane up and decided to have a growth spurt this past week! ACK! I didn't have the proper stuff to alter the dress, so I whipped up a cute little outfit that is very similar to the one my bridesmaids are wearing.

I think this will probably be better for her anyway. It has pants so that she can crawl around without hurting her knees. And it super light and summery. I love shirring! So much fun!

Here's one last look at the cute dress that she was going to wear though. I love this picture!

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Thursday, 22 July 2010

Wedding Cake Topper

Here is our wedding cake topper.

Whadya think?

Spiderman is wearing a Man Fabric tie and Smurfette is wearing a blue brocade skirt. :D I had a really fun crafty time making this cake topper. I used a lid from a box of Pringles and poked holes in it with a skewer to place the foliage in. Then I cut the yellow lid from a Lays Stacker to fit underneath. (We're not discriminatory when it comes to chip lids hehehe)

The Spiderman was from a bunch of cupcake toppers that I bought at the party store. Smurfette came from my collection. Actually I had originally wanted to buy a new Smurfette from the Explore Store at St. Vital Mall, but it closed down suddenly and I didn't feel like driving across town to Polo Park to see if the other store was still open. All my Smurfettes were busy doing stuff like rollerblading except for this one who is actually supposed to be sitting on a chair. Now she's snuggled up on Spiderman's web with a little flower puff in her hand. Awwww....

It'll fit perfectly on the beautiful cake that my friend Janice is making for us. We're having cupcakes actually, but Janice is making a cake to cut and decorate with this topper for pictures :)

Of course, nothing will beat Josh and Mel's wedding cake topper. Mel lovingly made Link and Zelda looking into each others eyes under a pretty archway. Awesome!

This is more us and is definitely more fodder for our silly wedding festivities!

The weather network has switched from there being 100% chance of rain on Saturday to it now being 27 and mainly sunny. Hope it stays that way!

2 more days!

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

How To: Wedding Drums

Our wedding is outdoors at a provincial park. We aren't having fancy crystal to bang pretty forks on, so we need a few noisemakers at the festivities.

So I came up with these drums.

Cool aren't they? Wanna make your own?

**** Disclaimer: these drums are the most frustrating craft I've ever had the opportunity to make. The plastic will melt, the ribbon will pucker and fold, the beads will get stuck to the glue and the post will break, tear and otherwise destroy the plastic. I advise you that if you follow this tutorial, it will be a good lesson in patience and perseverance. I am not responsible if you start to feel the need to strangle someone or cry uncontrollably. You were warned!****

Supplies needed:
- wooden dowels in the thickness you want for the drum handles (and a saw to cut them with)
- acrylic paint (and paintbrush)
- plastic beer cups
- paper plates
- beads of your choice
- embroidery floss (and a needle for threading the beads)
- ribbon of your choice
- hot glue and glue gun (if you have a low temp one, that would probably work better)
- scissors
- a stamp (optional)

Step 1: Prepare the Drum Handles
- Cut your wooden dowels into a desired length for the drum handle. My dowels were 30 inches. I cut 5 handles out of each, so they were 6 inches long.
- paint your dowels using your acrylic paint and paintbrush.
- put as many coats of paint as you desire on the handles. I put 2.
- I got my toddler to help. It was great fun!

Step 2: Prepare the plastic cups
- cut the plastic cups along the top or the bottom (or even the middle) to make a ring that is about 2 inches deep. For one drum, you will have to double up the cups to make it thick enough to be a sturdy drum.
- If you cut them out of the bottoms, you can leave the bottom piece attached (as shown in the pic below)

Step 3: Insert the Drum Handle
- Use scissors or a razor to cut a slit in the bottom of your cup. Insert the drum handle.
- Use hot glue to keep it in place at the inside bottom and inside top of your drum. The hot glue will melt the plastic cup if the gun comes in contact with the plastic. The glue will probably melt some of the plastic cup as well, but no worries. As long as it's secure in there and you don't burn your poor little digits, it'll be fine.

Step 4: Prepare the Beads
- Take 2 beads and tie a reasonable amount of embroidery floss around them. Remember that the embroidery floss needs to be long enough to allow the beads to hit the drum somewhere in the middle when you twist it. Extra length here can't hurt.
- Knot them so that they are secure. You don't want the beads to come loose and fly off while playing with your drum!

Step 5: Thread the Beads onto the Drum
- take your extra sharp needle and thread the non-beaded ends of the embroidery floss.
- then take the needle and push it through the side of the drum, pulling the embroidery floss through as well.
- make a knot in the floss to secure the beads in place.

Check out my assembly line of drums! I ended up making 30 of them for the wedding.

Step 6: Cut out Paper Plates
- I chose paper plates because I wanted these favours to be relatively inexpensive. You can use more expensive materials for them of course.
- lay your drum on a paper plate and trace around both sides.
- cut them out so that you have 2 circles. One will be slightly larger than the other because of the shape of the plastic cup.

Step 7: Stamp and Glue Drums Together
- This is the time when you can stamp the paper plates with a design of your choice. I used my wedding stamp!
- Then use your hot glue gun to attach the paper circles on each side of your drum. I recommend putting the glue on the paper and not on the plastic first. The plastic cup will curl and melt if you put the hot glue directly onto it.
You see why this craft is so frustrating. I actually tried using tacky glue for one of these drums. It works reasonably well, but the hot glue makes a much sturdier drum.

Step 8: Apply Ribbon
- take some decorative ribbon and with your glue gun, apply it around the edges. This not only covers your serious paper cutting mistakes, but it also hides the fact that you use plastic cups for your drum (at least a little). I used fun wedding ribbon for this. Again, put the glue on the ribbon and not directly onto the plastic!
- make sure to trim your circles to the proper size if they come out a little bigger than you had hoped.

And voila! You have a maddening drum that you can now throw at someone who says even the slightest thing against your beautiful creation hehehe

Step 9: Go make a bunch more! hahaha

Monday, 19 July 2010

Teething Bling

A few weeks ago I won a giveaway on a great blog called "Domestically Challenged Momma." It was some teething bling from Smart Mom Jewelry.

The package came in the mail today! :) And since Lane has been teething like crazy lately, I broke into the prize right away. The jewelry is so pretty. It looks like marble, but is made out of a safe phthalate and lead free, non-toxic silicone. Nice!

Lane totally digs this pretty necklace. She spent about a half hour chewing it while I held her this afternoon and then demanded it while we went to run a few errands after dinner.

I also won two bracelets. One in pale pink and the other in hot pink. I have a feeling Lane is going to love those as well. I'm going to wait until she gets used to the necklace and then maybe introduce one of the bracelets as a sweet surprise when her teething gets a little out of control.

These are totally going to become my go-to new mommy gift. They are awesome!

Smart Mom Jewelry has no idea that I'm writing this post. I just really love the product and am so happy to have won this contest. :)

Friday, 16 July 2010

Groomsmen Ties

You may remember how stylish Terry and Logan are going to look at the wedding. Remember the fox butt ties? They are pairing those ties with muscle shirts and shorts. Nice eh?

Well, we couldn't forget about the groomsmen! Unfortunately, I ran out of "man fabric" before I could make ties for them. But never fear, I found "man fabric #2"! And it's especially Manitoban - it has bisons!

Oooh aren't they going to look special with their bison butt ties? hahaha I used this wonderful tutorial once again to make these ties.

A close up to show that there aren't that many actual bison butts on these ties. I did some fancy cutting! :)

You can also see that the posts for the wedding favours are cut. That's what I'll be working on tomorrow. Yay!

I'll share these crazy ties with the creative sewists at:

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

The Food Decision

Lane has made a decision. She didn't bother to consult her parents on this one.

No longer will she tolerate baby food.

This is what happens when I try to feed her the dreaded baby food out of the jar.

And this was the yummy smelling (and tasting!) apples, oatmeal, raisins combination. It smells like apple pie because of the cinnamon in it. You can imagine the crying and closed mouthedness that happens when we try something like squash or beef. Yikes!

And this is what happens when we give up on the baby food and give her some grated cheese or Cheerios.

Peace is restored. Too bad the girl doesn't really understand the concept of chewing. So if you give her anything that isn't the size of half of Cheerio, she chokes and barfs up everything in her stomach. :(

I have a feeling it's going to be a struggle during mealtimes for awhile.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Coolin' Off

This summer is trying to make up for the dismal summer we had last year. And it's succeeding! It's been nice and warm these past few days. It's raining now, but we had a chance to cool off in the wading pool yesterday. Fun times!

Can we hope that the weather will be this nice for our wedding in a week and a half? *fingers crossed*

Winnipeg wading pools are free and a great way to have fun and stay cool. Just bring your sunblock and you're bound to have some fun!

Awww, these kids are adorable!

Monday, 12 July 2010

Blingy Sparkly Wedding Shoes

Tonight I did something kinda fun and girlie. I decorated my wedding shoes! :D

Ooooh Aaaahhhhhh!

You see, we've decided that this wedding is not going to cost very much money. It's going to be a chance to stand up in front of our friends and family and declare our love, but it's not going to cost a whole heckuva lot.

So, when I saw these shoes in the window with a price tag of over $100, I knew that they were not the shoes for me. That and the heels. I was never a girl that could walk comfortably, or even half steadily in heels.

I went to the store next to the one I found these in and bought my shoes for $19.50. They even had my ridiculous size (5 and a half) Yay! And now to decorate them to look like the ones above - minus the hooker vibe of course *wink*

All I needed was a glue gun, some pretty mirrored beads and my $19.50 shoes. (Those beads were on sale 2 packages for $5.00)

I grabbed my shoe and a package of beads and planned out how they would go. Then I got to gluing. Maybe another instance of ghetto-crafting? Perhaps - but who can argue with this price tag eh?

And they look sparkly! Lane followed me around trying to touch them for awhile. I stood still and let her admire them. She giggled and touched them very carefully. It must be a girl thing! Although I must admit, Terry did tell me that my new shoes looked like glass slippers form Cinderella. I'm guessing that's pretty good!

Linking these pretties up with this fabulous opportunity to share my work with other creative crafters!

Sunday, 11 July 2010

One Year House-iversary

One year ago this is what we were doing

Good bye rented house in Norwood.

Hello to home-ownership in Windsor Park.

Yes, we have since unpacked those boxes. In fact, I unpacked the last box about 2 months ago! Yay!

Here's to several more years in our wonderful house. Do we get a cake or something? hehehe