Monday, 21 June 2010

The Self Esteem Killer

A girl can either go to the mall and spend two hours trying on bikinis to find that perfect one, or she can spend two hours making it herself. Either way, it's a major self esteem killer.

Since the kids have discovered that the sprinkler is a great place to be and since the wading pool is opening in a few weeks, I knew that I'd have to increase my swimwear collection. So I made a pretty decent bikini.

When my friend Mel was visiting last, we had a discussion about knits. She and I both complained about purchasing knits at the fabric store. I love to sew with them, but the selection is horrible. Everything has gigantic flowers on it. That being said, my new bikini has enormous flowers on it. :P I kinda like it though.

The top fits wonderfully and is super comfortable. I will get a lot of use out of it this summer. The bottom could be better. I don't ever really like the bottoms, so this is no different. The only thing that would fix my opinion of these bottoms would be if I lost 20 pounds, and that's not going to happen, so I'll live with these. I always wear shorts over them anyway. When you're chasing around after a toddler, it's best to have everything covered. I'm scared I'll snag my lovely 'kini on something or mess it up in the dirt and rocks or cement or whatever else Logan has me sitting on in order to play his toddler games.

The bottoms kind of look like granny panties in this picture, but I assure you, they look like boy cuts when I try them on. (I won't subject you to a picture of me in the swimsuit. Some things are better left unblogged).

Sorry for the stretched out picture. I tried it on a couple of times to check the fit.

Next up: Laney needs a matching swimsuit! :)


Jennie said...

Looks like a great bikini! The worst thing about toddlers + pools is sitting on concrete while wearing lycra.

Patricia said...

Really cute! I can't believe you made it! Especially since they cost so much in the stores, and WHY??!!?? As a mom of an almost one year old I have to say kudos on being able to wear a bikini! I'm rocking a tankini for the first time in my life but maybe one day I'll be back in a bikini again...

Leisel said...

Awesome! Great job-- I still have yet to try making myself a swimming suit. . . AHHHH! Props to you for trying it! ;0)

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