Wednesday, 23 June 2010

The Self Esteem Booster

Making a bikini for yourself is kind of a drag. But making a little baby bathing suit for Laney - awesome!

I know that Lane doesn't really need a bathing suit. She's a baby. It's fine to let her go in her little swimmers and nothing else. But, I really liked the idea of having a little bathing suit on her, at least to keep some of her chubby little baby tummy out of the sun. We bought a bathing suit for her from Zellers. It was a size 2 because they don't really make suits for babies. It's cute enough, but doesn't fit very well.

So I copied the design only I added some room in the bum to fit over swim diapers and I added a bit more modesty at the top. Lane's store bought one wouldn't stay up very well.

I just giggled and cooed over how cute this little bathing suit was the entire time I was sewing it. Adorable!


There are a few tutorials about how to make a bathing suit pattern (like this one), but I could be convinced to scan my pattern and create a tutorial if anyone is interested? Let me know in the comments or in an email. :)

Now mama and baby will match! I'll work on getting a pic of the both of us posted soon.

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Jennie said...

You are going to look so cute in your matching cossies!

(Cossies = swimming costumes)