Monday, 28 June 2010

Sail Boat and Dump Truck Shorts

Those parents with toddlers that are learning to go to the potty know that back up pants or shorts are very important!

So when I went to fetch some clothes for Logan this morning and realized that he only had one pair of semi-clean shorts in his room, I knew that more needed to be made - stat!

I made these two pairs of shorts tonight. They were so simple. I used fabric in my stash and I always have tons of elastic. I didn't bother with pockets or fancy flies. These are just good cotton shorts that are easy to pull down and have lots of extra room in the bum for pull-ups. :)

The Dump trucks is a knit and the sailboats is woven, but the same pattern works for both. Yeah, I know they are kind of stereotypical "boy" fabrics, but boy fabric is hard to come by and this worked. Logan eyed the finished shorts and said, "I like the back of them mommy." Since the back and the front are the same, I suppose that means he likes 'em!

If any readers want the pattern (size 3 toddler) let me know. I'd be happy to make it available for download for free. I took a bunch of pictures while I was making the shorts as well, so I could be persuaded to post up a tutorial as well. ;)


Unknown said...

Found you from FMIC. I am loving finding Canadian bloggers that I had no idea about before. Now following too. Happy Canada Day.

Leisel said...

Cute shorts! It is fun to see some boy stuff in the mix. . .

Thanks for linking to Wardrobe Wednesday!

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