Saturday, 12 June 2010

Potty Mouth

Our little sweetie baby can talk!

Here's a run down of Lane's vocabulary so far:

1) "Dada" - this was her first word. She uses it to refer to both Terry and Logan. We've decided that it's the word for "notthemama" hehehe
2) "Juice" - she does like to steal Logan's sippy cup and gulp a bunch of juice when no one is looking. We water hers down too much for her to be interested in that :P
3) "kitty" - the neighbor's cat wanders around our yard when we're outside playing. Lane goes crazy for kitty. Kitty is smart and does not come too close to Lane for fear of being mauled by an over-enthusiastic baby.
4) "poop" - *sigh* her 4th word is indeed "poop" and she says it with such conviction! And since she is a little poop factory, she has many chances to try out the new word. We're so proud...

Check it out! Our little girl is finally growing some hair! No longer Miss Baldy.

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