Saturday, 26 June 2010

Our Fearless Water Baby

Lane is becoming a little beach baby. She loves the water!

We started her out in the sprinkler in the backyard. She put her hands in the water, giggled and then tried to crawl through the water. This didn't bother her at all. In fact, she loved it!

So we thought we'd try out lake water. The first time didn't go so well.

I think we surprised her. And it wasn't the nicest day to go for a dip in the lake.

We tried again the next week. We slowly dipped her feet in the water. After a little bit of a surprise, Lane decided that water was the best. She couldn't get enough of it. We sat her down on the edge of the lake and she splashed and giggled. She cried when we had to take her out of the water.

She's giving me a look like: "Mom I really don't want to pose for a picture right now, I'd much rather be splashing with Daddy and Logan."


Jennwith4 said...

How cute!

Modred Vintage said...

That is so cute. My youngest hates water, even bathtime is a challenge. I'm a bit envious, but I'll get over it.