Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Make Your Own Bra

Lingerie month continues with the Bra. I made this one tonight in an hour and a half! They are actually really simple to make and if you tweak the pattern just right, you'll have the perfect fitting, handmade bra.

I was going to post up my pattern, but it doesn't really make much sense. Everyone has their own preferences, so I'll point you in the direction of a tutorial that helps deconstruct an already existing bra to get you started.

I took the underwires from an old bra. The fabric was worn out, but the underwires were still in good condition. I also got the adjustable strap and the back hook pieces from that worn out bra. You can buy all these items at the fabric store though.

Here's the inside. Oooh, pretty red! Logan has taken an interest in my thread stash lately. I used to have 4 bobbins (I know - not very many eh?) Anyway, I'm down to 2 now. And I hate unwinding perfectly good thread, so you might be able to see the pink bobbin thread I used on the underside of this bra. Whatever, nobody sees it anyway.

Here's a closer picture of the cup, just to show you the textured fabric I used. I won't be wearing this bra under anything too slinky, but I love the red peeking out through the patterned holes of this black cotton.

I'm still tweaking this pattern a little bit, so I think I'll make a few more bras in the next few days. I'll keep you updated with the progress!

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