Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Lingerie Month Finale - My Favourite Camisole

I think we've had a pretty decent lingerie month for June 2010. There have been patterns and tutorials for a couple of different cuts of panties. There's been bra-making, swimsuit making, mini-bloomers, baby doll nighties and now...

I've saved the best for last. Or at least my favourite for last. I love tank tops - or their "lingerie-ish" name - camisoles.

I made this pretty purple one tonight. Terry and the kids are at the park, so I had to take the pictures using the webcam. Not the best quality, but those of you who know me see me in this fashion every day anyway :)

I love the purple gingham ribbon I placed along the top edge. So cute!

I made some pants out of this knit over a year ago and a top to match, but I don't really like the top. And worn together the outfit is hideous. I think this little cami will make the outfit much better. Because I love those pants. They fit really nice and they are comfy. I'll take a photo of me in the entire outfit when I wear it next for you to see.

It's also a really great little cami to wear underneath a sweater or vest. But if you know me, I'll just wear it as is with a pair of pants or shorts.

If anyone would like the pattern for a size large cami, let me know. I'll figure out a way to scan it and post it up with a tutorial. It's only one pattern piece! Awesome. It only took me a half hour to make this top. Yay!

I'm wish my Canadian friends a Happy Canada Day tomorrow. Have a great time, enjoy the BBQ and fireworks!

I think we're going to the Canadian Mint for a tour and BBQ tomorrow. A very Canadian-type activity for a very Canadian-type day!


Anonymous said...

The top looks great but what really looks great is your scar.

Tawny said...

Scars are badass!

I'm glad to see some pacemaker chicks like you and me have decided not to cover them up. It's a waste of time, energy and fabulous cleavage! :)

Andrea said...

Great cami! I hope you'll think about stopping by and linking up to my weekly blog party for people to share the things they've made to be worn!

Jan said...

I love the camisole and the colors! I'm interested in the large size pattern . Thank you.