Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Evening Gardening Has Consequences

An update on the state of our garden. We have 3 pea shoots growing despite the fact that Logan dug them up about 15 times and watered them at full hose strength about 2 inches from where they were trying to grow. He's learning though, so it's fine!

Sunday evening, I sat outside while Terry worked on building our new BBQ (an activity you can't do with curious little kids milling about). We had a beer with the neighbour and a very pleasant evening. The BBQ wasn't quite finished, so we went out again last night, only this time I actually did something.

I planted 2 cherry tomato plants and some chives. It's almost impossible to get any gardening done when the kids are awake. Laney tries to get up on the planter and Logan decides to dig everything up. So last night I finally went out after they went to sleep and dug out that top planter and put in some chives.

And this is what I get for my troubles! That's just a picture of my ankles. I was wearing long pants and a hoodie, but I still got bitten a bunch around my neck as well. ACK! Vampires!

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