Sunday, 27 June 2010

Date Afternoon

These past couple of weeks have been kind of rainy. We've had some nice days in between when I can take the kids to the park or play in the backyard, but the rest of the days are spent inside. On these days, Logan likes to play with all his toys in the Rec Room and watch Sponge Bob episodes.

He has an amazing imagination and can entertain himself quite well. There is one serious problem though:

Lane - the curious, destructo baby who follows him around and has to check out everything he's doing and shove every toy in her mouth and touch and destroy all in her path.

"Laney's bugging me. Laney's BUGGING me!!!" can be heard on repeat in our house at any given minute when these kids are stuck inside for too long.

I try to pull her away from whatever Logan is playing with and keep her occupied doing baby sort of activities. But this means that I can't play with Logan. He ends up playing mostly by himself while I spend all my time distracting Lane.

Naptime affords us some time to play together. But Lane only sleeps for about 20 minutes in the afternoon and that's it. She's a terrible napper. And 20 minutes doesn't cut it.

I'm left at the end of the day feeling like I've neglected my sweet little boy. So we decided to spend some one on one time together yesterday afternoon.

I went out on a date with my little man to Toy Story 3. Just the two of us. We stopped at the mall food court and ordered his favourite - hot dog and poutine from New York Fries. We played video games in the arcade. Even though mommy totally sucks at videogames, Logan didn't make fun of me at all.

He really enjoyed the movie! It was awesome to be able to spend some time with him. I forget sometimes how much growing up he's done since Lane was born. He's so smart and thoughtful and imaginitive and curious.

And the strange and wonderful part of the whole afternoon? Logan really missed his little tormentor. Here's a few of the things he told me on our afternoon date:

"When Lane is here we can park in the spot for babies." - Referring to the 'parents with infants' parking.

"Laney likes to watch people in the mall mommy."

"There is no change table for Laney at the movies mommy."

"I don't need to go to play park mommy because Laney isn't here to crawl around."

He even sang a happy little song about Laney eating french fries while we had our lunch.

Awww. He really loves his little sister!

When we got home, he said, "I missed Laney and daddy and now we can hang out as a family for the rest of the day."

Nothing like some time apart to make the heart grow fonder!

We couldn't get Logan to pose very nicely for a photo of us going out, so check out this one. Logan has decided that making mudpies in the backyard is a fun activity. We had to dip him in the bathtub after this little adventure. And that's his little sister in the background - sleeping!

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anita said...

That's a sweet story. I'm glad you had a lovely afternoon together!