Sunday, 20 June 2010

Celebrating Terry

Happy Father's Day to Terry.

Top Ten Reasons why Terry is the best dad ever!

10) He gets up early with the kids on the weekend so that mommy can sleep in

9) He can cook! Waffles, chicken, sweet and sour pork, bbq - yum!

8) He messages us throughout the day from work just to see what we're up to

7) He's the best role model Logan could ever have. He lets Logan follow him around while he mows the lawn, does some vacuuming, changes light bulbs, and whatever else Logan might be interested in learning.

6) Lane's first word was "Dada!" and she says it with such enthusiasm whenever she needs an extra hug and the support of Terry's strong arms

5) He is the designated "bath" person in our house. And he has made up a ton of games and entertainment for bath time. :)

4) He does the dishes every night after the kids go to bed, so that mommy can have a rest

3) He makes up the funniest songs using "Logan" and "Lane" in the lyrics.

2) He still has energy after work for playing video games, going to the park, pushing Logan around on his bike (while holding Lane in the other arm!), and various other games the children think up

1) Your kids are the happy, healthy, well adjusted and love you with all their hearts (so do I!)

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Modred Vintage said...

This is a great blog. He also appears to be a fan of Megadeth-which means he likes good music as well. :)