Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Beach Weather

This past weekend the weather was awesome! We were able to drive out to the beach for the afternoon. Yay!

Of course I snapped a few pictures of the amphitheater where we are getting married. Gotta have those pics on hand when I decide on the decorations (or lack of decorations - I think it might be nice to leave this as rustic as possible). Isn't it perfect?

Laney got a chance to get her toes wet in the lake. This is quite the step up from last year. Remember this post of Laney laying on a blanket at this beach? She was only a few days old. Awwww.

She actually didn't like getting her feet wet. This took us all by surprise because she's so enthusiastic about crawling through the sprinkler in the back yard. Oh well, maybe she was having an over-stimulated afternoon and needed a little relaxation.

Logan's an old pro. He loves the beach and gets right into digging with all his beach toys. He spent a little time in the water collecting rocks, but it was still a bit too cold for too much playing.

So we all played on the swings.

And Laney got some relaxation while we ate ice cream. What is it with toddlers and bubblegum ice cream? Logan had never tried it (or even heard of it before) and it was all he wanted when we listed the choices.

I can't wait to get married here. It's only a month and a bit away! :D

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julie said...

What an awesome place to get married! I agree, leaving it at as rustic and simple as possible would be really great.