Sunday, 27 June 2010

Baby Doll Dress and Madeleine Mini-Bloomers

This weekend I thought I'd try a few lingerie-ish tutorials.

First up I tried the Weekend Designer Baby Doll Dress. I love the way this one turned out! So cute and flowy and summery. The picture doesn't really do it justice. The kids were about to hop in the bath and I was about to do some exercising when I made Terry take this pic.

I used a pretty cotton for the main part and some blue lace for the middle tier and the straps. I think I might take the leftover blue lace and make a big sash to tie around the middle. Might slim me out a bit instead of always looking like a tired overweight mommy. Although I'm sure if I just put some effort into doing my hair and looking presentable, that would work as well. :P

Originally I thought I was going to wear it as a nightie, but it's too cute. Must ... wear ... outside... somewhere.

Second up is Colette Pattern's Madeleine Mini-Bloomers. As you can see in the link, these are normally made with a bunch of frilly lace at the bottom. I love these so much though that I'll be wearing them a lot around the house as pajama shorts, so I omitted the ribbon and just put elastic in the bottom casing. Easier for washing over and over again.

The waistband on these shorts is so soft and comfy. I totally want to do all my waistbands like this from now on. It looks really nice too!

Has anyone tried either of these two tutorials out? I'd love to see the photos!

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