Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Toddler Proof Food - L'il 'Wiches

We're not one of those families who have crazy gourmet meals every day. Actually, we rarely have anything even remotely gourmet. Nothing fancy over here. I read all these mommy blogs with recipes included for stuff like Avocado chicken, or poached salmon wraps. Yeah... that ain't happening around this house.

First off, we have the typical fussy eater 3 year old. He would eat hotdogs and cheese for every meal from now until eternity if we let him. If we try to introduce anything new (or old for that matter) he turns up his nose and tries to distract us from watching him not eat by telling stories.

I have a feeling that my mom was in the same boat with us kids because the following recipe came from her and it's child proof kid food.

This is one of our favourite meals. We call them "L'il 'Wiches" and it's just plain food. Nothing gourmet. Nothing with fancy ingredients. Actually the entire thing was invented to get rid of leftover hotdog and hamburger buns after a summer BBQ.

- as many leftover hotdog or hamburger buns that you have
- hotdogs (whatever is left in the package)
- spaghetti sauce
- grated cheese
- mushrooms, green peppers, onions etc are optional

1) Turn oven onto broil. Line a few baking sheets with the leftover buns

2) Spread spaghetti (or pizza sauce) onto the buns

3) cut up hotdogs and line them up on top of the sauce.

4) Watch out for cheese stealing toddlers!

5) put grated cheese on top of it all. You may also add other pizza like toppings if you choose. Logan won't eat any of that, so these are just plain jane.

6) place in oven until cheese is melted and bubbly and the buns are slightly golden.

7) eat!

Logan's favourite! And of course Terry really likes them too! Yum Yum to kid food!

Next up on the blog: Summer reading deserves some pretty bookmarks.

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