Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Things I Refuse To Sew

I'm in a bad mood today. I just don't feel like doing anything - even sewing!

Some of you must think by now that I sew almost everything for the kids and myself, and sometimes even Terry. But there are some things that I refuse to sew. Let me tell you about them since I'm just in that kind of negative mood.

1) Overalls or "real" jeans

They are just so tedious and annoying. Too much topstitching and fussy little details to hammer in. And not much reward. Especially when I can buy 2 pairs of jeans for Logan for $30. I upcycle Terry's old jeans into elastic waist "jeans" for Logan, but these are not even close to the real thing with the fly and the fancy details and topstitching. I just refuse to be that fussy when it comes to everyday clothes.

Logan in some overalls that we given to us when he was born (2007)

2) Zippy Jammies

Again, these are amazing creations. I love zippy jammies. The kids couldn't get tangled in them while sleeping and they are easy to put on and comfy. But I refuse to sew them! A long zipper, elastic around the feet, fussy snaps at the top. It's not worth it. I bought Laney 3 pairs the other for $40. I couldn't make them for that price - well I could if I were just talking materials, but the time and energy put into it would make them worth about $50 a pair.

Logan wearing his store-bought Zippy Jammies on Easter morning 2008.

3) Onesies

We got a ton of these given to us when the kids were born. There is just no need for me to make them. And you can buy the plain ones so cheap that I again wouldn't be able to create them at a better price. And who wants to sit in the basement hammering snaps into them all day? I'm a lazy sewist, even snap tape wouldn't make me want to make these things. But I will use the cute ones that were given to us for my upcycling projects :)

Laney wearing a cute Apple Bottoms onesie that was given to her for Christmas 2009

Coming up: Crafty Gardening.

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Tenny Kusuma said...

I remember when I wasn't in the mood of doing anything. I simply didn't do anything. So...I hope you enjoy your time not to sew, beside those things are hard to fix :)

Tenny @ Simply A Mom