Saturday, 1 May 2010

Summer Sewing Month - May 2010

What's this? The sun is shining?!! It's warm enough to wear shorts?!!

Summer has come a bit early in Winnipeg this year. I was caught unawares. I had resigned myself to not having much of a summer as was the case last year, so I didn't think much about it. Then the sun started shining and it became fresh and green so fast.

Introducing Tawny Bee's Summer Sewing Month for May 2010!!!

This really came out of necessity. Because summer was so crappy last year, I let Logan wear his shorts from the year before. I had made or bought them super huge, so they still fit. He barely got a chance to wear them anyway. Well not so this year! The boy has exactly 1 pair of wearable shorts and no muscle shirts.

Laney has no summer clothes at all unless you count the clothes that we've saved from Logan. Somehow I don't think my little girl wants to wear boy's khaki shorts and sports muscle shirts all day.

I only have maternity summer wear since I was huge and uncomfortable for most of last summer. I wore my maternity shorts for a few days last week and had to constantly pull them back up.

And Terry - yeah... he goes through summer wear so fast that he needs new stuff every year. He just wears out all his clothes.

So Summer Sewing it is! Come along with me as I try to make a summer wardrobe for everyone. I'll be making hats, shorts, t-shirts, sun dresses, beach bags and blankets and a whole lot more. I was planning it all out this past week. There is A LOT of stuff I need to create!

As always there will be some fun tutorials for you to try out, including one for that adorable baby bonnet (emergency hat) that I made for Laney about a month ago.

Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about wedding sewing. I will be posting up the skirt I'm working on later today (hopefully) and I'll be working on some cute summer outfits for my bridesmaids this month. :)

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