Monday, 3 May 2010

Summer Sewing - Logan's Diego Shorts

Logan has been wearing the same pairs of shorts for the past two summers. It's not the I have given up on my little boy's wardrobe, it's just that last summer was a bust for good weather, so he really didn't need anything new. I had made or was given shorts that were super big on him, so we stretched it a bit and made him wear them again. But now, there's no hope of that. Time for some new summer shorts!

Here is my little model in his brand new Diego shorts.

I took him to Zellers the other day to buy him new shoes (he's growing out of those too!) and he chose Diego shoes once again. I don't know what his fascination is with Dora's brother? cousin? I don't even know. We don't have cable, so he doesn't actually watch the show, but he sure loves Diego!

Of course, while I was sewing these shorts and needed him to be measured, he was busy building a fort with his daddy.


So I measured the shorts using a pair of shorts that was given to him a few months ago. They fit really well and he finds them very comfortable. I guessed that they would do in a pinch.

I got a lovely pattern out of them without taking them apart. Yay!

Don't you love it when you're reading one of your favourite blogs and you come across a tutorial for something that you probably could figure out, but never thought to try? I love it! I was reading the MADE blog and found these lovely flat front pockets. And I didn't even have to go through all the math and figuring to make them. Bonus!

They turned out really well and I'm sure Logan will find all sorts of stuff to put in them.

Here's pic of the finished shorts on the table. Couldn't get Logan to model them for too long today. He was busy playing Wii, building forts, teasing his baby sister, helping mommy make dinner and all sorts of other fun toddler things.

Coming up tomorrow: Fun summer dinner!

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Jennwith4 said...

Very cute! Logan and my Madison would get along great. She loves Diego also.