Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Summer Sewing - Gardening/Sewing/Market Apron

Let me tell you about my terrible day. It started out OK. The sun was shining - the kids were mostly well-behaved. We went walking to a new park. Logan was having a great time playing at the new park. Laney was napping in the stroller. Nice.

Then Laney woke up. Still, that's OK. We played with her on the baby swings and played on the teeter totter. That's when things got awful. Laney's tummy growled and without much more warning than that, she puked the entire contents of her morning bottle, plus some of her cereal, into my hair, onto my sweater and jeans and even into my shoes! Yuck!

That was a terrible walk home. It took us a half hour to walk home, and I had to walk with squishy shoes and puke all over the front of me. Good thing I come prepared and had some baby wipes and cloths to clean most of it up. Ahhh the life of a mommy.

I should have known things were gonna be bad today. Laney woke me up this morning my smacking me in the face and causing a huge cut with her nails that bled for awhile. Bleh. Hmm so I guess things didn't start out all that well.

Anyway, when we got home, I went into the laundry room to grab some fabric to complete an order I had just received and there was a honking huge bee in there. Sheesh! I closed the door and waited until Terry came home. There was no way I was gonna deal with that as well.

Terry came home early, took care of the bee and watched the kids while I showered baby puke out of my hair. He also BBQ-ed dinner. He's my hero today :)

This week has been pretty much like this everyday. I've been in a crabby slump for a few days. This is why it's taken me 4 days to sew my new gardening/sewing/market apron. Yeah... that's the excuse I'm going with.

It turned out great in spite of my slowness and unwillingness to sew. I really like it. It has already made my life easier. I no longer have to walk back into the laundry room to grab my scissors off the cutting table where I left them. I don't have to walk back to my sewing machine to grab the measuring tape that I left there when I need it at my cutting table. I can haul all my tools along with me. There are tons of pockets for pens, pencils, seam rippers, rulers, scissors. There's a needle catcher for safety pins and sewing needles. There is a pocket with a snap for easy to lose things.

This apron should come in handy at craft shows as well. There's places for money, tape, pens, pencils, business cards and whatever else I might need. And it'll be handy out in the garden, holding stuff like seeds and gardening tools. I can even hang a spray bottle off the side of it. Fabulous!

And don't you just love the fabric? Scissors and bobbins! What else could I have possibly made out of this fabric? And it rolls up and ties for easy transport and storage!

If you want to make one yourself, I used this great tutorial from the Magic Bean blog.

Coming up: Summer Rainy Days = Video Games (at least at our house)


Julie said...

Such a cute apron! And way to turn your crappy day into something good.

Modred Vintage said...

I can relate, you have your day all planned out, but the kid(s) have different plans. I love your apron, it looks so handy and pretty.