Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Summer Planting with Kids!

This morning I woke up and got the crazy notion in my head that today would be a great day to plant a bit of a summer garden - with the kids! I know - what was I thinking?

We lugged everything we would need outside to the backyard, including the playpen to contain the whirlwind that is Lane. We dug all the gardening tools out of the shed and went to work on the planter. The planter is a strange object in our yard that doesn't really have a place. We're thinking that we will eventually get rid of it, but until then, might as well try it out.

Well for the next 45 minutes, Laney screamed her little butt off. She cried and yelled and fussed until I could take no more. She wasn't going to be left in the playpen, even if it was near us, and she wouldn't stop shoveling dirt and weeds and sticks and grass into her mouth when she was set free. We ended up stopping our gardening plans and taking her inside for some lunch. When she fell asleep, we brought her back outside to sleep in the playpen while Logan and I had a picnic and got some peas planted.

Here she is sleeping in the playpen while Logan is picnicking on that lovely blanket I made. He even picked out the rocks to fit in the pockets I added to the corners of the blanket so that the wind wouldn't take it away.

We had our work cut out for us. Do you see the weeds in the top part of the planter? That was what we had to dig out of the bottom part. Obviously it hadn't been used in a few years. There were some nasty root systems that we had to dig through. Hopefully our peas will be able to grow in all that. We turned the soil over and pulled most of the roots out, but I'm still worried that our plants will be choked out. Oh well, if we keep trying every year it should get better and better.

Here is Logan watering our little seeds after we planted them. He was awesome at putting the seeds all in a row where mommy told him to place them. And he's very excited about having to water them each and every day.

Just so that you know I was actually out there with the kids, here is a lovely picture that Logan took of me. He's quite the photographer! Looking a little exhausted form being out in the sun with a fussy baby, but I'm OK.

After all that planting (and napping) we all had a little fun in the sprinkler. Lane is fearless. She crawled through the sprinkler several times, getting extremely soaked and was very upset when I pulled her away. She didn't even care that she was getting water all in her face, she just wanted to play with her big brother so much. But the sun was getting a little too hot and even though we all had sun-block on, I had to be a mommy ogre and bring the kids inside before they all got heat stroke. Maybe we'll play again tomorrow.


Modred Vintage said...

I hope you get some peas after all that work. :)

Donna said...

Hi Tawny! Congratulations! You won fourth prize in my SewMamaSew giveaway! It's a homemade layered jar me. :o)

I just need your mailing address. You can send it to me at

Have a great day!
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