Thursday, 13 May 2010

Summer Crafting - Nintendo Obsessed

I'm still in my sewing slump, so I decided to work on something easy that didn't involve my sewing machine for awhile. Logan has been completely obsessed with video games lately. Every evening he begs Terry to let him play Wii. Terry is beginning to think that the only thing daddy is good for is to play video games with the boy.

When I was putting away my Nintendo shirt with Toad on it, Logan immediately demanded one of his own. So I printed out a cute image and used some iron-on stuff to transfer it to a t-shirt that I had picked up at the Old Navy awhile ago for $6. It's huge, but he's so happy!

He really didn't want to model his new shirt, so I was forced to snap a picture while he was eating his snack. But you get the idea. And in case you wanted to see the inspiration for this project - below is a pic of me in my Nintendo Toad t-shirt.

In other sewing news, my first attempt at making a summer hat for Logan turned out kinda wonky. It was more of a Fedora shape instead of the fishing hat that Logan favours. I will try again tomorrow!

Until then, here's a few pics of Logan in his favourite summer hats.

This one was taken at Josh and Mel's wedding. Mel said that she was nervous until she looked out in the crowd and saw Logan wearing his old man fishing hat. It made her smile and relax. If that isn't a shining endorsement for me to figure out how to make this style of hat, I don't know what is!

There's my sweetie little baby coming home from the beach sporting another version of his fave fishing hat.

Gotta figure that out!

Coming Up: I will think, think, think and then sew, sew, sew Logan's old man fishing hat!

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Modred Vintage said...

Your son looks so cute in his hat. I love the "Boo" character from Nintendo, never thought of having a shirt done with him though. Clever idea to do the Toad.