Saturday, 1 May 2010

Practice Wedding Dress Prototype #3

After three prototypes, I was going to have a vote to see what everyone thought about which wedding dress I should make - but it's my wedding so I'm allowed to change my mind. This is the winner!

I love the top. It fits perfectly (after I fixed the issues I had with the under arms. I've been wearing this top all day with jeans and I love it. It's so comfortable and just my style. I will be making the entire thing out of white. I'll put those lovely Asian buttons down the front for a bit of blue. I might even make the straps out of the brocade. Don't want too much brocade on the top because that stuff isn't made for sweating in. I assume a July 24th wedding might mean I'll be sweating A LOT.

I have enough blue brocade to make the entire bottom skirt if I keep it short in the front and long at the back. Beautiful. But let me tell you, I now hate making skirts for myself. After having 2 kids, I no longer have a waist. This skirt is huge! Bleh.

Terry really liked the crinoline that I had underneath prototype number 2, so I had to add it into the design for this one. He says that it makes him think summer wedding. I know what you're thinking - why the heck does he have an opinion? He's not even supposed to see the dress until the wedding.

Meh, as you know by now, we're not having the traditional wedding, and he's entitled to his opinion. Besides, it wasn't much of a concession since I like the poof of a crinoline anyway!

Notice the lining is all screwy in this skirt. It's kinda just hanging there. I think I'll fix it to be hemmed with the main skirt. But thankfully, my blue brocade is not see through (like this skirt is) so I won't have to line it. Double good is that I'll get to show off the beautiful back of the brocade which is entirely too interesting to be covered up. Hopefully it'll peek out from behind the crinoline a little :)

Won't it be perfect with my veil?! And my garter?!

Stay tuned for the actual sewing of my actual wedding dress. ... As soon as I decide what fabric I want for the bodice. I haven't chosen the white yet...


Beth - IndieNorth said...

Tawny, this is going to be beyond stunning. I am so excited to see the real deal!

Burning Moon said...

Gorgeous very creative how you are making your own wedding dress =]

Jennie said...


One of the best things with choosing fabric for my sister-in-law's wedding dress ( ) was going into a fabric shop where the sales people know a lot about fabric. The woman chose a fabric combination we never would have looked at, and it was so perfect.

So my hope is that you've got a fabulous store with good staff nearby, and that if you take in a picture of your design plus your blue brocade they'll find exactly the right white for you. Perhaps something with an Asian design woven through it, but all in white?

Anonymous said...

I really like this. I wore 2 full crinoline skirts under my dress because I like puffy so much. Terry made a great choice.