Sunday, 30 May 2010

Our First Adventure as Homeowners

We didn't know the previous owner of our house. I'm not sure we really want to know that much about him. But certain things about his personality are shown to us just by living in his house. Even though we live here now, we are surrounded by the hard work, craftsmanship and love that he put into his house. And this really saved our butts this weekend!

Mother Nature decided to rain, and rain, and rain, and rain, and rain, and rain... and did I mentioned Mother Nature decided to rain?

So it seemed like a good time to stay indoors and catch up with friends that we hadn't seen in a long while. New jobs, promotions, kids and traveling have been keeping all of us very busy and we hadn't had a chance to catch up and visit since Christmas! Yikes!

Josh and Mel came to visit and everything was lovely. I showed Mel the fabulous fabric I had just bought to make bridesmaid outfits out of - she approved! yay! We were enjoying some videogames with Logan, who was so excited about getting to stay up late...

Then it happened - Terry noticed a little bit of water on his foot! It was coming from under the couch. What!??

We all got up to check the laundry room and sure enough, it was flooding!

Here's the aftermath. The water was a few inches deep in places before it started draining again.

And here is the scary water that seeped through and under our couch.

This is where I would like to thank the previous owner of this house - God Bless you and may you rest in peace. Since 2004 when he bought this house, he started some serious work on it. And it wasn't cheaply done or of poor quality. He redid the foundation, replaced the furnace, put in a sump pump and sewage back up valve, redid the electricity, plumbing, painting, installed countertops, carpet, put in a new switch box - etc, etc, the list goes on.

And everything was working and wonderful last night during the flood. The sump pump worked to full capacity. The window wells did excellent and all the water drained where it should. The sewage back up valve held in place and we had no sewage seeping out anywhere.

If only the city would improve their drainage. The storm drains were full! Therefore, no matter how much our house was working to keep water out, there was no hope. :( The water had no place to go.

Thanks to our wonderful neighbor who let us borrow his wet/dry vac while his dad brought over another for him to use on his poor leaking house. It was nice to see the neighborhood come together and help each other out :) I love living here!

Terry and I spent today drying out the carpet with fans, blow dryers, and the vacuum.

Logan even got in on it!

Look at those poor lonesome beers! They had to be removed from our mini fridge and placed on a filing cabinet in order to move the fridge out of the way. They look like they need a good home. Me thinks my tummy will do nicely for that job ... hmm.... maybe next weekend.

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