Sunday, 16 May 2010

Lane's First Trip to the Zoo

The weather was perfect for Lane's first trip to the zoo yesterday. We were smart to arrive early, because nearly half of Winnipeg had the same idea. When we were leaving there was a serious line of people waiting to get in!

The sun was a little too bright and this was near the end of our journey, so Laney is being a bit of a fusseroo. But I love this picture of me and the kids.

And we can't forget about daddy and the kids. Awwww....

And check out the apple tree in our backyard. It's growing the sweetest blossoms. I love it! I wish I had some time to sit underneath it and enjoy. Maybe sometime this week when Lane is napping, I can sneak outside and sit while Logan bubble mows around me. Or maybe I can convince Laney to play underneath the tree for awhile without trying to eat the grass, leaves and twigs around here. That would be the life. Ah summer.

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Modred Vintage said...

Trips out of the house can be unpredictable at times when they're that age. You all looks so cute together, hope you enjoyed the zoo.