Tuesday, 11 May 2010


Today is another drizzly day, although the sun in finally poking through now. It's still too wet to play at the park, so we found this how to On Crafts By Amanda and went to work creating some summer ladybugs.

We made them with paper plates! We used sticky backed shiny craft stuff for the dots and head instead of fabric. It was easier for Logan to figure out and stick where he wanted. Awesome!

I bet you can tell which one is Logan's? He's very creative. I always gotta remember when I'm crafting with him to let his creativity shine. I try not to tell him how things should work. Who cares if he puts three eyes on his ladybug or decides the dots go better on the head and body instead of the wings? His turned out like an alien bug from the purple people eater planet! I love it!

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Amanda said...

I love them, and the three eyes are PERFECT!! So cute, thanks for sharing yours and for linking back to me, so glad you enjoyed making them! :)