Tuesday, 25 May 2010

I Don't Need Freud To Tell Me....

... that I'm experiencing a little anxiety about letting go of my baby boy for pre-school.

We are going tomorrow to meet Logan's nursery school teacher and check out the classroom and learn all about what our little boy will be doing and learning starting in September this year. Apparently this is too much for my brain to process.

I had the worst dream last night. I dreamt that we missed this important meeting because we decided it was more important to go out to dinner. Then when I finally made it to the classroom, the teacher yelled at me and demanded money. Then Logan showed up out of nowhere and I had to lead him out of the school which all of a sudden had a million obstacles in the way. And I was attached to Logan with a bungee cord! Yeah... I know... umbilical cord anyone?

But then the dream took a weird turn. I remembered that I needed to pick up bread at a convenience store close to our house. I went there and was thinking the whole time I was purchasing the bread that Logan would be old enough in a few years to go with his friends on his bike to pick up this bread. I was feeling proud and excited for him to grow up. What?!!

So I'm terrified of letting him go, and yet I want him to grow up. Isn't this the dichotomy of every mommy experience? *sigh*

Terry tells me that he had a terrible dream last night as well. His was about being late for an exam back in University and me choosing someone else. Yikes!

Me thinks we are under a bit more stress than we realize!


Jennie said...

My interpretation of dreams is basically "Wow, I must be really stressed at the moment!"

Modred Vintage said...

My youngest just get out of preschool for the year, and I was anxious as well when he started in Dec. It's really helped him, so I hope your boy will have the same experience.